Course Proposal

Would you like to lead a course through NOMAD Science? Propose it to us here! We are always looking to expand in new and interesting ways. We are firmly rooted in archaeology, but would like to offer courses in related fields such as biology, ecology, and geology as well as courses in complimentary fields such as art, photography, journalism, tourism, and more! You do not need to have a fully fleshed out program, but give us the basics in the form below to get the brainstorming process started! Once we recieve your form, we’ll review it and get back to you with questions. We will accept proposals at any time, but those recieved before December are more likely to make it on the docket for the following summer.

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During which NOMAD Science Session/s do you propose to conduct your course?
What are the basic time, equipment, budget, and logistical needs of the proposed course?
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