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NOMAD Science is looking for an English and Mongolian speaking research assitant for our 4th session. The team will travel to the taiga in Huvsgul Province to conduct archaeologial and related research. The research assistant is welcome to use some time and resources to conduct their own research as well (in fact, it’s encouraged!) - but it must fit in with the schedule and goals of the group. There will be approximately 8 foreigners, and several guides. We will be camping and travelling by horse - not easy, but increadibly beautiful and interesting! The research assistant will be in charge of translation of ethnographic interviews and assistance with some basic logistics. All project related expenses are covered, and the assistant will receive $20-30 USD/day for their work depending on experience, and opportunities (if desired) to co-author international peer-reviewed publications. The successful candidate MUST be available from August 18th - September 8th. CONTACT US if you have any questions. Applications will be received until the position is filled.

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